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Old Spice Survey

I’ve been in surveys all day long and been thinking about inserting this question …
X. You are..
a: a man
b: a woman
c: a man your man could smell like

Inspiration for July 2010

Recent research on brand experience

I recently gave at the Conférence Étudiante de Recherche en Gestion (CERG) a small talk about a paper I’m working on, tentatively titled “What an experience: brand stores and flagships as communication channels”. You’ll find my Prezi presentation here (in French only). Enjoy!

Inspiration May-June 2010

Your soundtrack for the weekend

The Bamboos - On the Sly
Bully Blinders - Truck Stop Food
Broken Social Scene - Texico bitches
M.anifest - She lives
DJ Deckstream - Virtual Insanity

Inspiration - Avril 2010

inspiration avril 2010

My new mixtape is out!

Instant Classics PYSMIXTAPE APRIL 2010.
As usual, hit me up at whatever at pierreyann dot org if you’re interested!
Here’s the tracklist:
1 - Animate Objects - El Dorado
2 - Justis - Cocaine
3 - Mental Abstrato - A Primeira Audição É A Que Fica (Feat. Awon)
4 - Justice System - Summer in the City (Sunshine Blend)
5 - DJ [...]

Can you make a whole album out of one sample?

Well you can try …
The sample: The New Birth - You Don't Have to Be Alone
By order of preference:
810 - La La La
Soloplexus - Me Her
Rhymefest - Tell A Story
Red Hook Day - Shabazz the Disciple
Lil Wayne - Lalala

The Great Quebec Divide

I already hear my friends saying I should stick to marketing instead of talking politics. The thing is, the independence of Quebec, from my perspective, is (now) more of a cultural debate than a political one. In that sense, it is loosely knitted with my main domain of interest. I know most would agree.
When we’re [...]