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Daily Links

  • Philosophers, he argued, have spent enough time cogitating in their armchairs. Knobe described how he and a group of like-minded colleagues in the discipline have undertaken a more engaged approach, working with cognitive scientists and designing experiments that will “test” people’s intuitions about traditional philosophic puzzlers such as the existence of God, the objectivity of ethics and the possibility of free will. The result: new, empirically-grounded insights available to philosophers and psychologists.
  • The Lying Down game has mushroomed in popularity. It’s originators (Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon) have described the game as “parkour, for those who can’t be arsed” but in many ways this ‘lying down’ phenomena is absolutely antithetical to urban navigation discipline of parkour: Its not quite about the expediency of movement so much as it’s complete and utter cessation, in the most sensational places possible.