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Daily Links

  • After deeming the first pop-up cafe in Lower Manhattan a success, the DOT is "seeking applications from restaurants for its Pop-up Café Program. Pop-up Cafés provide outdoor public seating in the curb lane during the warm months and promote local businesses. Such cafés are popular in Europe, where narrow sidewalks prevent sidewalk cafés, and have recently been established in California and Canada." Well, as long as it's going to make NYC more like Toronto or LA or Copenhagen, we're sure New Yorkers will embrace it!
  • The TracKey for the Mustang Boss 302, which should be available through your dealer at some point, is a red key that, when you put it into the ignition, accesses all the computer-controlled aspects of the car and re-tunes them for a race environment. Launch control, brake balance, fuel mixture, everything. It can’t turn you into a racing driver, though, so watch yourself.
  • Every student in Mr. White’s class has been assigned a palm-size, wireless device that looks like a TV remote but has a far less entertaining purpose. With their clickers in hand, the students in Mr. White’s class automatically clock in as “present” as they walk into class.

    They then use the numbered buttons on the devices to answer multiple-choice quizzes that count for nearly 20 percent of their grade, and that always begin precisely one minute into class. Later, with a click, they can signal to their teacher without raising a hand that they are confused by the day’s lesson.

    But the greatest impact of such devices — which more than a half-million students are using this fall on several thousand college campuses — may be cultural: they have altered, perhaps irrevocably, the nap schedules of anyone who might have hoped to catch a few winks in the back row, and made it harder for them to respond to text messages, e-mail and other distractions.

  • New popup stores are launching all over New York City in advance of this year’s holiday shopping season. Gap and Cool Hunting have partnered on a unique gift shop which officially opens Friday, November 19th on 5th Ave. Curated by the staff of Cool Hunting, the store stocks the work of New York based companies known for offering innovative products or goods with a high level of craftsmanship. Within the space you’ll find everything from bicycles to pickles.