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Monthly Archives: April 2009

links for 2009-04-30

k-os "4 3 2 1" Director: DREW LIGHTFOOT & k-os
k-Os rockS! and great video direction.
(tags: music video)

Hip-Hop Trio De La Soul Works With Nike for SportMusic LP - Advertising Age - Madison+Vine: News
For their first collection of new material in half a decade, legendary hip-hop trio De La Soul chose to work with Nike instead [...]

links for 2009-04-29

YouTube - Levi's commercial - Laundrette
In this famous 1985 television advert broadcast in the UK, model Nick Kamen stripped down to his white boxer shorts in a launderette so that he could wash his 501s. He did so to the strains of Marvin Gaye's 'I Heard it Through the Grapevine'. The ad reached number 6 [...]

links for 2009-04-28

Hairy economy trend: Beards are back - Skin and beauty- msnbc.com
These days, the hirsute pursuit has evolved into a full-blown, full-grown trend. According to the marketing research company The NPD Group, sales of electric shavers and men’s facial trimmers have dipped 12 percent just in the last year while beard-related activities are, well, bristling.
(tags: culture [...]

i’m tired of hearing about the swine flu.

c’mon you people, ease up..
rereading the news:
a “mild’” swine flu epidemic could lead to the deaths of 1.4 million lives and cost the global economy more than $US330 billion ($463 billion) in lost output.
> that’s about 0,02% of the world population (or 2 out of 10 000), for a lost output of [...]

links for 2009-04-25

Wabi-sabi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Such a constrat from a society where its member commit suicide when they don't perform well …
…wabi-sabi nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect."
(tags: philosophy japan design culture inspiration)

On Denim…
Haha! Denim is french and the jean is italian. [...]

links for 2009-04-23

Study finds pirates 10 times more likely to buy music | Music | guardian.co.uk
The Norwegian study looked at almost 2,000 online music users, all over the age of 15. Researchers found that those who downloaded "free" music – whether from lawful or seedy sources – were also 10 times more likely to pay for music. [...]

links for 2009-04-22

Taylor Herring » Blog Archive » 50 Top Publicity Stunts
(tags: ideas innovation advertising)

links for 2009-04-21

Brit Eaton: Hunting for Vintage Denim | Outside Online
it, 38, is of medium height and solid build. He has a stern, square face that would be suitable on an evening newscaster if it weren't for a tangled scar above his lip that resembles a strand of barbed wire. He makes his living scouring the old [...]

links for 2009-04-17

Fake NYC Subway advisory
Why does service suck?
We already have your money, so who cares? We don't.
(tags: humor news culture NYC)

'The Girlfriend Experience' Star Sasha Grey on Her First Mainstream Role
Note to myself: how fucked up would it be for Sasha Grey to become the next America sweetheart?
anyway… from Grey:
I’ve got to diversify myself. Do I [...]

links for 2009-04-15

Made with Flashr :: Flashr - An ActionScript wrapper for the flickr API
(tags: infographics reference)

social bookmarking for images on vi.sualize.us
ok maybe that one got a bit more going on than weheartit…
(tags: Photography inspiration design reference)

We heart it / Visual bookmark for everyone
it's the democratic version of the elitist ffffound. not that i have anything [...]