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Monthly Archives: July 2008

links for 2008-07-31

Dog Poo Bags
When design meet dog poo. I almost wish I had a dog now …
(tags: design fashion)

David Byrne and Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
David Byrne and Brian Eno to release a collab effort on august 11
(tags: music)

Presto - Pixar / Everybody loves Pixar
In case you’re like me, always late for [...]

links for 2008-07-30

Hungry Man TV
HME is a progressive new media company, developing and producing original film and television projects and featuring an innovative web channel dubbed Hungry Man TV.
(tags: culture business)

Beam Bed
An original system of boards forms the base for the mattress, opening up in a sunburst arrangement from a central fulcrum. The insertion of a lighting [...]

links for 2008-07-29

Cuil - The World’s Biggest Search Engine
Cuil’s goal is to solve the two great problems of search: how to index the whole Internet—not just part of it—and how to analyze and sort out its pages so you get relevant results.
(tags: tools web)

Seven Deadly Glasses by Kacper Hamilton
“Each glass encapsulates a sin, which is revealed through [...]

links for 2008-07-24

GOOD Magazine | The Travel Issue
“Vacations are nice, but they’re not the same thing as traveling: wandering through marketplaces, sampling food of indeterminate origin, and, most important, meeting new people.”
I love to travel and I think the best way to really do it is to live in a
(tags: travel culture)

Advertising: Oreo: Elevator
I love it: [...]

links for 2008-07-23

Golden Shellback | Splash Proof Coatings
Golden Shellback seems to allow your cellphone (or other electronic devices (laptops? psp?)) to be water-resistant
(tags: electronics gadgets technology)

Inner city snail - a slow-moving street art project
Snails tagging
(tags: art graffiti portfolio)

News Flash From the Cover of Esquire - Paper Magazines Can Be High Tech, Too - NYTimes.com
Esquire teams up with [...]

links for 2008-07-22

theselby - photos in your space
ew York Based photographer Todd Selby has created a website featuring photos of various artists, writers and musicians in their homes.
(tags: art photography people)

NY Times columnist David Carr has written a book about his (kottke.org)
Carr’s book is not the conventional memoir. Instead of relying on his spotty memory from his [...]

China, excesses

179 cities in China have more than 1 millions inhabitants.
American Idol / SuperIdol
While pretty much every civilized country has their own American Idol knockoff, China’s stands out among the rest by the sheer scale of the proceedings. Last year’s final episode was seen by over 400 million viewers, making it not only the most watched [...]

links for 2008-07-12

Nick Veasey portfolio
Nick Veasey uses x-ray technology to create mesmerizing and intriguing art.
In a world obsessed with superficial appearance it is a refreshing change to be able to look beyond the surface.
(tags: inspiration ideas art photography idea portfolio)

timelapse video of decision making in page design
Matt Willey recently recorded his decision-making on a feature design [...]

links for 2008-07-11

One Person Trend Stories
a website mocking the one-person trend stories (i.e. ppl wearing only blue…)
(tags: trends humor culture)

MAGHOUND™ - The Magazine Lover’s Best Friend
netflix alike magazine subscription website
(tags: business ideas idea media)

Nude Recreation Week - Featured on BuzzFeed
All those people you saw rollerblading naked on the way to work today? They’re just celebrating NRW 2008. [...]

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