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Monthly Archives: April 2008

links for 2008-04-30

WineSide is a biz venture that offers wine in 6cl (60ml) size packages. For tasting, or whatever you can think of… Except that the bottle looks like perfume sampling, it’s a neat idea..
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Delaycast · Flight Delay Predictions
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Edible.com offers you delicatesse like, hum, ….scorpion vodka, mopani worms, giant toasted leafcutter [...]

links for 2008-04-29

I’ll be experimenting with delicious to auto-post my links for the next few days so please pardon me if it looks messed up. cheers.


Y Combinator
VC Firms
From Del.icio.us to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links at theory.isthereason


Generación Y -
Yoani Sanchez writes the “Generacion Y” blog and gets more than a million hits a month, mostly [...]


Mindsmerizing.. Gin, Television and the social surplus. Basically:
“The transformation from rural to urban life was so sudden, and so wrenching, that the only thing society could do to manage was to drink itself into a stupor for a generation. [...] It wasn’t until people started thinking of this as a vast civic surplus, one they [...]


Not that useful but def visually great.. google meets apple coverflow: searchme
Some more on McDo: “Outdoor posters were turned into large interactive push puzzles that consumers could solve in order to “sort your head”. This was done to promote McDonald’s Large Coffee for only 1 Euro.”
Copyranter is back.
A rather good article on Ning and viral [...]


Kanye West is my main source for today. I mean, you could directly have gone to his blog, but again, why?
German street performer Johan Lorbeer’s “Still-Life” Performance where he, hum, levitates
Helga Steppan color compositions remind me of the article about people dressing only in one color that I featured here some weeks ago
This is Olivier [...]


Jeep: Traffic lights
Why New York City’s Iconic Pizza Is So Tough to Replicate
“I’m not comfortable attributing a pizza’s quality to gestalt — it sounds like something a California pizzeria would list as a topping. But Batali’s theory makes sense to David Tisi, a food-development consultant who has spent much of his career studying pizza.”
I think [...]


By blogtime, this is old news but Copyranter is closing down. From the comments: “I blame every shithead who didn’t send tips, including my self. I feel this is the end of a terrible abusive relationship. The lazy, depraved assholes who took Copyranter for granted, are now complaining about him leaving us becuase he finally [...]


Public acceptatnce of evolution theory in 34 countries
Enthusiast spends years building 30ft dream boat - but it is now too big to take out of garden: “It’s not as though I’m some idiot who got the measurements wrong and is now stuck with a boat he can’t move,” he said.”I knew from the start that [...]


There was a debate last wednesday between Obama and Clinton. It was really liked by the press:
” Will Bunch (Philadelphia Daily News) - “By so badly botching arguably the most critical debate of such an important election, in a time of both war and economic misery, [ABC] disgraced the American voters, and in fact even [...]


From Kottke.org:
RealScoop’s software analyzes statements made by public figures in audio or video and plots the results on a scale of believability that runs from believable to highly questionable.
“For instance [...] here”s Bill Clinton’s infamous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” statement. The Clinton audio and associated metering is really pretty good…it [...]