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Monthly Archives: February 2008


Happy bisextile day! (whatever …)
I’d like to congratulate our american neighbours: “For the first time in U.S. history, more than one in every 100 adults are in jail or prison“. I think we just reached an important milestone.
Suburbs are the next slums (in the U.S. at least)! “For 60 years, Americans have pushed steadily into [...]


“The 2007 Digital Economy Fact Book (pdf) is a tightwad researcher’s dream: In-depth, statistic-heavy, well-cited, and freely-available online.”
via Hill Library Blog
A piece on Lou Doillon who was both featured in A Nous Paris and Buzzfeed this week. I mean, there must be something going. She designed some stuff for Lee. Lee Cooper. COOPER. Thanks.
“Web giant [...]


Charmburka: The Burka sends an image, chosen by the wearer, via Bluetooth technology. Every person next to her can receive her picture via mobile phone and see the women’s self-determined identity.
I’m showing this one here coz it’s been all the rage with people I know in Mumbai. I can understand why! :: The Blue Frog
Sand-bag [...]


After the Sarah Silverman “I’m fucking Matt Daemon”, Jimmy replied with “I’m fucking [...]“. What a couple. I mean, Jimmy and Sarah.
*update*: Matt Damon. Sorry Matt…
80 years of Oscars, the posters of the movies that won.
Marion Cotillard speech of acceptance for the Oscar, which made her the first in France “to win an academy award [...]


Rent-a-dildo.com. From the whois, it seems legit. That’s scary..
Gay’s depiction in advertising. With a lot of examples.
Agent Provocateur is up to its old tricks, getting a model to strip down in the window of a fancy London department store today to promote its new fragrance, “Strip.”
Agent Provocateur + Model + Stripping + Public place … [...]


People wearing only one color. Like gray. Or blue. Or green…
“I always wonder if there was a name for my condition”
Persai: A self-learning newsfeed: “The basic concept behind Persai.com is that you can “accept” or “reject” the content that is pushed to you. Accepting a recommendation means you’d like to see more of that [...]


Godwin’s law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”
Mix up a bunch of super famous internet memes, some brainy academics, a big audience, dump them in Cambridge, MA and you’ve got ROFLCon. It’s a group dissection of internet culture.
Spamology is a part of ongoing research [...]


““Our irrational behaviors are neither random nor senseless—they are systematic,” he writes. “We all make the same types of mistakes over and over.” So attached are we to certain kinds of errors, he contends, that we are incapable even of recognizing them as errors.” A great take on irrational decision and how are rational thoughts [...]


In Quebec, if you committed a white collar crime, it’s no big deal. The 400th aniversary committee just hired Bernard Thiboutot, who was kinda involved in the 2006 sponsorships scandal (his company did false invoices to give illegally 50 000$ to the liberal party). Daniel Gélinas, director of the 400th committe said that they chose [...]


Damien Hirst, who holds the record for the highest auction art sale at 9,7 million pound, is to open his first shop, selling everything from a £250,000 charm bracelet to a painted plastic skull for £25,000.
(btw he allegedly also sold a diamond skull for 100 million…)
Rinspeed created the sQuba, the world’s first real submersible car.
They [...]