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Monthly Archives: December 2007


Top 10 movies of the year (and contenders) by Roger Ebert
2007 in pictures by the IHT
The most controversial ads in fashion history. I had already read somewhere that the Sisley ad they’re pointing to never ran. More Sisley here (from 99 til 06 actually). And I just found out about this site [...]


Vladimir Putin TIME person of the year.
Trends for 08
“Around the world, an elite band of trend-spotters spend their days providing businesses with glimpses of the future. So what do these ‘futurologists’ predict for 2008?” An elite band. hehe..

Ten best music video of 07 from Director-file. The one by RJD2 rocks. The dancer/skateboarder name’s Bill [...]


The power of people + the power of the Net. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul made history Sunday by raising $6 million in online contributions in 24 hours, breaking the record for the most money raised by a national candidate in a single day. Crazy, and congrats.
Most of the people that knows me well knows [...]


Breakthrough article by Businessweek covering the last year in advertising. “The best stories of well-marketed businesses and brands have come from companies that haven’t spent their money on conventional media but have adopted new approaches.” Wow. THAT’S different. -breakthrough- insight. Did they really need to check the whole year out to discover that?!
Interesting. “In compiling [...]


Launched in ‘Chloe’s apartment‘ the luxury brand’s new fragrance seeks to push boundaries of expectation in order to reach out to customers with a clear product concept.
via agenda inc
For his latest movie, Walk Hard, (released on April 9th in France), the writers of Superbad, Knocked Up, etc, decided, with John Reilly and Sony Pictures to [...]


Awesome: Morgan Stanley issues full US recession alert. (I’m being sarcastic..)
It’s the first time I’m hearing about this website (they just made buzzfeed) It rocks. Darejunkies, bringing a little of jackass into your life. Basically, people post dare, people dare to do it (and film it), and they get paid. Site is relaunching.
I think it’s [...]


Another bubble by The Richter Scales (funny)
53 places to go in 2008. Happy travels!
A piece on Alex Goldberg, natural-born hustler. “He quickly learned the rules of that playground, turning his relationships with the neighborhood’s shop owners into access to free gourmet meals and designer clothes and trendy sneakers [...] and leveraging those perks into even [...]


Review of 2007 by Businessweek. Trends, people and products. Plus some stuff on the mortgage crisis, the dollar, oil…
I like Christmas time. And I really like Christmas stores displays.
I need a translater! Coz the idea is quite nice. Mediafront live ads campaign.
I’m taking your time to talk to you about A.J. Jacobs. Bestselling author [...]


I somehow missed yesterday, I don’t exactly know where I was … anyway.. here are today’s links
The GAME OVER Project takes videogames classics (pole position, space invaders, pong and coming up; tetris) and bring them to life! Literraly. Great idea for a stop motion project. And I love the music/sound effetcs. “GAME OVER [...] consists [...]


I’m all against American Apparel ads (here, I made it public). Their numerous quite questionable ads (you have to keep in mind that they *say* that their models are their shop employees /at least in Canada/), I think the i’m-making-home-made-porn-advertising isn’t really both either necessary or useful for a clothing brand. I mean, it was [...]