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Monthly Archives: November 2007


France Social problems. A car accident involving a police car and 2 kids on a motorcycle sparked riots in Villiers-le-Bel, reminding the 2005 riots (just a bit). I chose the Economist coverage coz, well, it’s in english and I prefer exterior coverage of a local news event, I think it’s always a bit more impartial.
Richard [...]


Trendwatching.com just released their 8 trends to capitalize on in 2008. As always, it is insightful and a fun read. Plus it makes awesome conversation starters..
Need new inspiration for food combinaison? Check out this food pairing+interchangeable food page..
Two articles from IHT (via agenda inc. blog), both in relation of the IHT Luxury conference that [...]


Might have been a big wrong about virtual worlds yesterday… China is converting a 100 sq km site [...] to house, among other things, virtual worlds able to support not millions or tens of millions but billions of avatars. By doing so, they will provide a virtual world to retailers, manufacturers and buyers in the [...]


The japanese singing roads in action.
NYT released their 100 notable books for 2007. Great christmas shopping list! Since I haven’t read most of them, my first pick would be how to talk about books you haven’t read, by, my god, a french author. God, France is pursuing me…
GOOD Magazine has a good article about Second [...]

daily links

Bebo.com is a ‘a social media network where friends share their lives and explore great entertainment.’ And it might be the first community created content motor, where ‘the online community casts the series, and feedback will have an impact on the direction that future episodes take’ for a given serie (in that case, Kate Modern).
via [...]

The Odyssey years

I’ve just finished this really interesting piece written by David Brooks of the New York times on the odyssey years, “the decade of wandering that frequently occurs between adolescence and adulthood“. (but hey! it’s wandering more in the sense of discovering and all, and not really like, laying around..)
Even if most of us [...]


Today’s is the international (north america excluded, t’was yesterday) Buy Nothing Day, encouraging you, once a year, to “remind ourselves to really think about what we are buying‚ why we are buying it‚ and whether we really need it at all”.
If your in France and downloading, beware. Sarkozy unveiled a 3-strikes-out plan to cut [...]

I love that innovative poster from Philips. A glow in the dark poster for energy saving.
50% of NYU students say that they would give up their vote permanently for 1 000 000$. I think it is a sad conclusion to democracy. Would you?
Japanese researchers have deleveloped singing roads. What’s next? Sighing doors?
Bodymetrics created [...]

i’m back!

i’m back! and damn it feels good!
Decided to build the new website on wordpress, so it would be easier to maintain/update and such. Daily links and occasional ramblings as usual!
i am still at updating the theme i picked ’cause it was awfully displayed by IE. The look is probably going to change a bit but [...]