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Entering the PhD…

OK, so as you might have realized things are a bit slow here since the last few weeks. I’m entering a PhD program in marketing at the Schulich School of Business and getting used to my environments, courses and all. I hope I’ll still be able to contribute to this blog but unfortunately I don’t see that happening in the coming weeks. Just so you know!

Old Spice Survey

I’ve been in surveys all day long and been thinking about inserting this question …

X. You are..
a: a man
b: a woman
c: a man your man could smell like

Inspiration for July 2010

Recent research on brand experience

I recently gave at the Conférence Étudiante de Recherche en Gestion (CERG) a small talk about a paper I’m working on, tentatively titled “What an experience: brand stores and flagships as communication channels”. You’ll find my Prezi presentation here. Focusing on your brand is what is important to your business and you need to focus on your brand marketing to excel. Hope you Enjoy!

Inspiration May-June 2010

Your soundtrack for the weekend

The Bamboos - On the Sly
Bully Blinders - Truck Stop Food
Broken Social Scene - Texico bitches
M.anifest - She lives
DJ Deckstream - Virtual Insanity

Inspiration - Avril 2010

inspiration avril 2010

Food for thought: Want the cool kids? Hide your business!

Food for thoughtRob Walker, in Buying In, tells us that clerks at the Supreme NYC store turned down clients that didn’t correspond to their idea of the acceptable (hear: hip) Supreme consumer. While that might sound a bit drastic, I think it is an excellent idea. Since your consumers create (or help creating) your brand image and culture, if you’re looking to build a brand based on exclusivity and cool, you have to draw the line somewhere. But there’s other ways of doing so. One of them, IMHO, is through location-awareness-based segmentation (I’ll take a simpler/nicer term if you have one!).

What do I mean by that? Well, whether you’re talking about almost hidden stores such as Nom de Guerre in New York or Somet in Tokyo, about hidden bars and restaurants, such as Club 33 in Disney World, Nakamegura Gen or last-year hidden nightspots craze in Japan (and I’m not even talking about one-night-invite-only pop-up restaurants…), or about shops establishing themselves off the beaten path or in up-and-coming neighbourhoods (think gentrification), there’s a simpler way of choosing your clientele without insulting your customers. Hidden in plain sight or simply hard(er) to get to, shops and restaurants playing the location-awareness-based segmentation card are using a great way of restricting their clientele to consumers they really want: opinion leaders, trend setters and so on. These individuals are in the known and will know where you are and how to get to your place.

Nancarrow & Nancarrow (2002, 2007) state that cool is an “advanced state of knowledge about commodities and consumption practices”, [...] a form of cultural capital that increasingly consists of insider knowledge as yet unavailable to the mainstream”. The practice I just described fit perfectly with this definition of cool and is, I believe, quite helpful in targetting the cool consumers.

This article is stub, part of a research project on ephemerality in consumption and the cool.

My new mixtape is out!

pysmixtape april 2010Instant Classics PYSMIXTAPE APRIL 2010.

As usual, hit me up at whatever at pierreyann dot org if you’re interested!

Here’s the tracklist:

1 - Animate Objects - El Dorado
2 - Justis - Cocaine
3 - Mental Abstrato - A Primeira Audição É A Que Fica (Feat. Awon)
4 - Justice System - Summer in the City (Sunshine Blend)
5 - DJ Alibi - Don’t Look Down Ft Bamboombox
6 - Intuition - Buzzkill Ft. Slug
7 - D’Angelo - When We Get By
8 - KiD CuDi - The Prayer
9 - Soloplexus - Me Her
10 - Mos Dub - Johnny Too Beef
11 - Mos Dub - Kampala Truth Work
12 - Caribou - Odessa
13 - My Son The Hurricane - Ain’t My Style
14 - Mark Ronson Feat. Nappy Roots & Anthony Hamilton - Bluegrass Stain’d
15 - Kenichiro Nishihara - Power Of Self (feat. Substantial)
16 - Mark Ronson Feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg & Trife - Ooh Wee
17 - Justice System - Dedication To Bambaataa
18 - Mark Ronson Feat. Rivers Cuomo - I Suck
19 - Wee Bee Foolish - This Kid
20 - Dred Scott - Swingin’ From The Tree
21 - Rhymefest - Devil’s Pie
22 - Rhymefest - Builld Me Up (f. O.D.B.)

Can you make a whole album out of one sample?

Well you can try …
The sample: The New Birth - You Don't Have to Be Alone

By order of preference:
810 - La La La
Soloplexus - Me Her
Rhymefest - Tell A Story
Red Hook Day - Shabazz the Disciple
Lil Wayne - Lalala